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Garden City Restaurant in Union, NJ serves dishes from Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, and many more. We also cater for corporate parties, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, and family meals.


Garden City Restaurant opened for business in May 2009. We are strategically located in Union Township, New Jersey. We currently offer a unique taste of West African cuisines predominantly originating from Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Sierra Leone.
Garden City provides unique authentic taste of Africa, in an environment that blends culture with professionalism. Our guests are treated as royalty whether they eat in house or take away! We offer an introductory treat for tourists or people who just want to satisfy their curiosity about African meals.

We welcome you to try our Banku and Tilapia, top of the class Jollof Rice and Pounded Yam with Egusi/Ogbono soup. In pursuit of our commitment to quality, we insist on using the best available ingredients to prepare all meals.

Our name identifies not only with the Garden State (New Jersey), but also Kumasi (aka Garden City), a prominent city in Ghana - West Africa. It also lends itself to the hospitality and warmth you will feel with every visit. By all standards, a home away from home for Africans. Saves non-Africans the costly plane fare to have a piece of Africa they can surely boast about.

Most of the African Unions in the prestigious Universities within the State of New Jersey have found it a convenient source of showcasing African Delights in their annual activities.

Spicy and tasteful cuisines from the Motherland are served under very hygienic conditions, with a touch and flare of the typical Ghanaian hospitality and warmth. This offers a unique experience to our loyal customers and more so to first time visitors.

Our Mission

To create a home away from home for Africans, and a place where all Non-Africans can have a feel of the Motherland without flying thousands of miles! A savings of hundreds of dollars! To introduce a cultural part of Africa via dishes.

Value Statement

At Garden City we believe that integrity is an essential component for success, therefore;
• "Our word is our bond; we mean what we say and say what we mean."



Garden City Restaurant is located in Union, New Jersey. We provide a delightful line of African cuisines mainly from West Africa (Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Cote D'ivoire).
Beside the eat in services, we provide catering services for Company Meetings, Bridal & Baby Showers and Parties both off and on sight. We also have family platters and a few items for kids as well.

Garden City Restaurant
985-B Stuyvesant Avenue
Union, NJ 07082
(908) 686-7392

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    Game Changer

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    ave used them for quite a few projects and LOVE them. They've been very easy to work with and you can't beat the price.